Real Young Women on the Job: Elizabeth Correnti

Elizabeth manages internal communications at LogMeIn, a Boston-based software company, where she’s excited to think creatively every day about the best ways to communicate and engage with employees across the company. In this role, Elizabeth draws from prior experience in public relations, social media, events and journalism – and is a proud alumna of Northeastern University where she majored in journalism in the College of Arts, Media and Design (go Huskies!). In her spare time she likes hanging with her mini goldendoodle puppy and dreaming about what she’d do if she had an unlimited home design budget. 
-What’s your 140 character resume? Essentially, describe your current role/career in 140 characters. Spending my days happily connecting people through internal communications at LogMeIn.-It’s Monday at 11:00 AM – where are you and what are you doing? At one of LogMeIn’s buildings in Fort Point – most likely meeting with colleagues, grabbing a coffee from our in-house barista (she knows her stuff), or trying to start off the week productively. There’s also a possibility I’m doing this all at the same time :)-Would 22 year old Elizabeth be surprised you ended up working in communications? If not, what did you think you’d be doing?  No, absolutely not. I’ve been chatty since birth so I don’t even think my parents would be surprised I ended up writing and communicating for a living. I went to journalism school and have always loved to write. I’m also pretty left-brained, so I knew something in the STEM realm was probably not for me career-wise. Though not for lack of interest, since I’ve exclusively worked within pharma, biotech and tech in my career so far.-Work/life balance: "bulls**t" or "believe in it?" Believe it. You have to! But you also have to find employment, a company or a manager that values it as well.-Favorite interview question you’ve ever been asked.  "How do you think within this role you can impact the people at this company?"-Fast forward to your retirement party: what would you want to impart on your younger female colleagues?  Learn something from everything. I try not to make the same mistake twice, but always remind myself to improve at the same time. I was once given advice to stay at a certain level within a job to really marinate (one of my favorite phrases) in it before moving up to a more senior position. And I thought that was really backwards. I’m future-leaning and always planning ahead – it’s what keeps me going and it’s been worth it. I don’t feel like I can learn unless I’m challenged or doing something new. It’s somewhat cliché, but go with your gut, ladies. More times than not, I’ve made the choice to be bold or taken a risk because I’ve felt it’s the right thing to do, and even if not perfectly or right away, it’s paid off. Remember: You own your career, your growth and your development. -What’s your proudest career moment to date? I work in employee communications, so there have been a few distinct moments where I knew that work I had done – strategic communications or programming I’ve worked to develop – had impacted a person or group of people positively or made them feel connected to something. Those are the moments that make me very proud.-Do you believe in a dream job? If so, what is it?  I really love what I do, but I also think I’d really love to be a communications or organizational design and behavior consultant someday when I’ve gotten further down my career path. The idea of going into different types of companies with a specialty, sit down to talk about challenges, and solve them with new groups of people seems really interesting and fun to me.-Is there anything you’d change about your career path? No way – every role, project, challenge, achievement, person I’ve met along the way has led me to where I’m at now.-What do you love most about the digital scene in Boston?
It’s full of young, talented people who work really hard, are smart, are creative, and have a lot of fun – all with that East Coast edge. Love being a part of it. 

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