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Yes, English Major, You Can Get Your MBA and Excel in the Program

“Dear English Major, You can get your master’s in business administration, and, honestly, it will benefit you in more ways than you know. You already have the skills to excel in the program, just trust your gut.”
Those are the words I was wishing to hear when I started exploring the idea of getting my MBA. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2014 with my bachelor’s degree in English and Journalism. I’ve always known that I wanted to develop myself through a graduate education but wasn’t sure in what when I graduated from undergrad. I decided it was best to hold off on grad school (let’s be honest, my brain needed a break from learning) and to start my professional career to explore what I enjoy doing. While working, I realized that I love writing, communications, being creative, healthcare and being “in the know” of everything happening in the Enterprise. I also realized that I felt like I was missing the big picture of how various functions complement one another in the Enterprise. At that point it became a no-brainer that I was going to get my master’s in business administration.
Being excited with the new idea of learning a new set of skills and possibly finding a new passion, I began exploring MBA programs. Throughout my search I noticed in the demographics that there were rarely any English majors who participated in the programs, “are English majors even accepted into MBA programs?” I began asking myself. Searching the Internet my findings were inconclusive. I felt so invigorated with the idea of going back to school and learning new skills that I took the GMAT and applied to programs, I trusted my gut. And I was accepted!
Fast track to now I am in my second term of UNH’s accelerated one year MBA program and it is the best investment/decision I have made. I am learning how a business operates, the big picture in marketing management, business ethics, decision analytics, economics and so much more.
So, English major, or whichever major you may be that doesn’t have a business background, if you’re interested in getting your MBA my advice to you is to do it! Apply to programs. Get informational interviews. Tour the campuses. Take the GMAT. You have the foundation laid out to exceed in the program. You will be learning so much and gaining a broad view of how to operate a business and motivate employees. English majors you already:
– Know how to write (which is beneficial for all the papers you will have) – Know how to communicate (remember all those classroom discussions in undergrad?
– Now it’s more engaging in grad school because everyone participates in the class discussions) – Have critical reading and strategic thinking skills (reading analyses anyone?) – Know more about business than you think (professional experience teaches you more about business than you may realize) …..And so much more
You have a strong foundation to do well in the program. As you’re deciding whether to pursue your MBA or not, just remember, trust your gut.
Stephanie is currently a full-time MBA student at the Peter T. Paul College of Business and Economics with an expected graduation date of May 2017. 

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